Point Brazil

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Typically you can find me running the other direction from a buffet place, but Point Brazil is one of the rare buffet places thats actually good. The food is Authentic Brazilian fare (This was confirmed by a Brazilian friend who I took once) and is made fresh daily. Lots of vegetables, yams, plantains, salad, black beans, rice. They have chicken and fish as well in the buffet area, and dishes change each day with your main staples always available.

Once you’ve finished with the assortment of items here, head over to the carving station. You’ll be able to pick from 7 or 8 different roasting meats, all spinning on a spit. They have beef, pork, chicken wrapped in bacon, and some not so run of the mill items like chicken hearts.

When you finish, your food is weighed, and I have always found it to be really fair value. It should ring up to between eight and ten dollars. Beyond this there is plenty of seating, and even outdoor seating in the warm months. This is a really dope spot.

Tip, grab the green hot sauce from the buffet station and apply as needed .