Di Fara Pizza

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Out along the the yellow subway line in Brooklyn, where alphabet city seems to extend, with avenues J and U (and probably LMNOP) stands Di Fara Pizza. A relic from a different time, a vestige of Brooklyn’s past. In this predominantly Jewish neighborhood Domenico DeMarco opened this legendary pizza Mecca in 1964. What you’ll probably find most striking and certainly endearing, is that he’s been making the pies here, by himself ever since. Though his large family helps with the peripheral moving parts of the business, Domenico doesn’t let anyone else fold the dough, or cut the basil that garnishes the top of each fresh pie. An artisan, no doubt, a new york slice guru, absolutely, a pizza diva, maybe.

Whatever the label, the pizza here is definitive new york, and has held the title for best slice for decades. Patrons might gripe about the long wait, lack of AC in the summer and balk at the steep price, however these thoughts quickly dissolve after one’s first bite.

Both rectangle and round are excellent, though personally I prefer round. It will also likely come out much quicker. I once visited with some friends, we ordered the Sicilian, only to see one circle after another come out before ours. Any way you slice it, the pizza here is spectacular. Feel free to order with pepperoni(the good stuff here), and add peppers in oil that adorn the table and you’re set to go.

Fette Sau

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Stumbled upon this BBQ mecca by accident on a trip to Bk. Definitely glad I did, it truly is amazing. Its packed all year round so be prepared to wait about 15|20 minutes in line. There isn’t a wait staff, just a counter where they weigh stuff out, I like this.

I suggest going when its warm out, because more seating opens up outside, and who doesn’t like beer and BBQ in the sun. One tip I have, besides gorging yourself with the great slow cooked meat items, is to get the burnt ends baked beans. I’ll go on record saying these are the best beans I’ve ever tasted. They are a must try item.


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I’ve been by Talde twice. The first time I stopped by was after watching a Timescast about dumpling places in NY. After seeing the pretzel dumplings they’re pumping out, I knew I would have to go and check this place out. It just so happened that I ended up cat sitting in the same neighborhood a few weeks later, so I stopped over for some take out.

You have to try these dumplings, they’re outstanding. Basically next time you want dumplings, make the bee line for their front door, bzzz bzzz.

Talde really brings it, and I would say they’re certainly king in the Asian fusion area. The dumplings are a must have app, but on my first visit I also got the Hawaiian sliders which you’ll also find pleasing to the palate.

When I visited most recently, I went for dinner. They’re not open before five most days, and we went on a Friday. It would be best if you booked reservations beforehand, otherwise its quite a long wait. We ended up sitting at the chefs table, a counter next to the kitchen. It was cool, but I would rather have been seated at a regular table, and you will too.

We split the Soba noodle dish and the pork shoulder entree. The smoked pork shoulder was excellent, real tender. As far as the Soba noodle dish, I would try something different next time. They’re are a bunch of interesting noodle choices, and it was daunting decision. I think I would go with the Pad Thai next trip, looks and sounds awesome The last thing I would mention is that we got the banana leaf sticky rice, it was good, next time I’ll reach for the everything roti though. Add in a beer in the mix and you’ll be set.

Basically, go here.

Photo by Wally Gobetz Via Flickr