Farid Kebab

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This is my favorite food cart in Astoria, in a crowded great place for street food. Halal half chicken, chicken and beef kababs, cooked year round over charcoal. Absolutely delicious, and though the other reviewer felt the platters weren’t a good value, I have to say I disagree. Platters are amazing, if you get the half chicken, it comes with two soups typically(depending on supply) and a salad. Its served over two types of rice, and though I usually get this platter for myself, the meal could easily be shared between two people. At ten bucks, well worth it. This is my favorite dish here, though the kabab sandwiches are great, reasonably priced, and served on toasted bread with the dough pulled out.

A couple of tips here, Sundays and dinner time hours you’ll find yourself waiting for a long time, so be prepared to wait. It takes at least ten minutes even when there isn’t a long wait. Though it says they deliver, I don’t think that they do. I think they’re overwhelmed with orders, and won’t answer the number listed. I’ve tried, on several occasions, to call ahead for pickup without any luck. The last thing would mention is to ask for tahini. They used to only serve tahini and hot sause, but with the popularity of the ubiquitous white sauce, think they caved because everyone asks for it.

Really great charcoal grilled food here.