Thái Son

I live about 100 yards from this Thai Son location, needless to say its a pretty good neighborhood spot. I most recently ordered takeout from here during the cold snap we just experienced, the pho with beef brisket really hit the spot.

One way to gauge the merit of any restaurant, I feel, is if the the local police are patrons. This, of course, is because they walk they’re beat here each day. And wouldn’t you know, when I was leaving with my take out order the other day, two cops just happened to be walking in.

There are a ton of dishes and variations here, so no problem with choice. Beyond the Pho, which it seems many people like, they have a bunch of summer roll type dishes. Rice paper, fresh vegetables, shrimp, pork, hot sauce, peanut sauce… I’m in. Until I came here for dinner one time, rice paper was always a mystery to me…no longer, our waiter taught us how it works, as some of the dishes require your full engagement.

I suggest going here with an appetite, its filling and tasty. Its also very reasonable.


Stellar banh mi, well deserving of the high marks its received. I’ve tried a few sandwiches, and one or two of the apps (appetizers not essential here). They have traditional bahn mi, but it’s my opinion that where they excel is their originals. Specifically the Kakuni Pork Belly bahn mi is a must, I’m not sure what crack is like, but the experience must be similar (“Got that cr’nack, yeah, I got cr’nack” 2 Chainz). On every visit I’m always amazed at how delicious this sandwich is, the union of fresh vegetable and marinated pork belly is a real win. Extra points for good value, the sandwich comes in at just $5.25.

Worth the hype, and the trip if you don’t live in queens!