Himalayan, Nepalese, Queens


Perched on the second floor, above the myriad storefronts that make up Little India in Jackson Heights, is Phayul. Hidden gem, It covers both criteria. I lived down the street from this local, and had no idea it was there. Clueless, maybe, but doesn’t it count for something that I finally made it? And more than once.

Off a side street, under a small awning, and up to the second floor. The décor is simple, there is lots of natural light, and an open kitchen. There is much on offer. And it probably wouldn’t qualify as Himalayan/Nepali if you couldn’t get momo’s. Chicken, beef, and potato either fried or steamed. I’ve sampled all, and they’re all great, but would have to say my favorite are the steamed potato. Enjoy them with the in house chili sauce, but just so you know, its essentially ground chili peppers and water, it packs a lot of heat.

Beyond the momo’s I’ve tried several other dishes here. I had a beef soup, and also a marinated beef dish with bell peppers. I’d say I liked the marinated beef, which I believe is Beef Shak Trak, more. It’s not on the menu at this location, but they had a menu from another location they have, and I ordered sauteed vegetables, which I found pleasing.

The other dish that I’ve tried here I enjoyed quite a bit. The Lhasa Fried Noodle is a noodle dish that is sort of reminiscent of lomein, at least the way it looks. This isn’t the type of fried noodle you’ll find at your neighborhood Chinese food outpost though. The noodles are fresh and chewy and make for a delightful bite. For sure Phayul is the fly dopeness.