Sweet Afton

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I’ve been going to Sweet Afton for some time now, and have been meaning to pen a review. Believe the hype, the food is that good, and when I say food I’m really talking about the burger. I’ve searched far and wide for a burger that can compete with the one they server here and nearly all have fallen short.

What makes the burger so great mostly has to do with the locally sourced ingredients. Everything they serve, in fact, is locally sourced. Because of this quality is high. I like to add Irish cheddar to mine but add american, gruyere or nothing at all and its just as savory. On the weekend before four you have the option to add an egg as well.

I would suggest going for brunch on the weekend because they offer really good deals. They have cocktails on special and I believe pints are only four bucks. It’s also not as crowded as the evening which is nice. If your not in the mood for a burger they offer breakfast options of course. No waffles or hotcakes though.

Here is a list of items from the menu that I really like, and would suggest getting:

The Burger, really a must have.
Mac and Cheese, I’ve recently had some sub par mac and cheese, theirs won’t disappoint.
The Chicken Sandwich.
Fried Pickles, can’t just get these anywhere.

Most people like to get the fries, I mean what goes better with a burger. They’re good, not my favorite menu item, but they give you bunch so you can share. Ask for mustard with with them, they have the best mustard here. Its whole seed, its delicious.

Have any of these items and a pint and you’ll leave beaming.