Tikka Indian Grill Astoria

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Its Sunday, I drank too much last night. It’s Sunday, and its 2pm. I’m in a world of pain and thirst, I should probably smoke. I need water, I need… food. On days like this I’m quick to pick up Seamless and order american chinese cuisine. Its quick, it’s inexpensive and its plentiful. But,
you know, I live in Queens and there a plethora of places I can turn to at such a time.

Tikka Indian Grill is one of those places, the food is comforting and delicious, warm and abundant. I like this place, and it has some dishes that you just won’t get at other Indian joints.
You probably paused, thought, “Indian food, hungover?” but though you can order more mainstream dishes at this local, that isn’t what we’re going for. Its also probably a good time to mention you don’t just have to stop here when you’ve had to much to drink.

Tikka indian Grill offer some interesting tasty dishes that are worth stopping in, or ordering out for. My staple dish here is called the Chicken Chop. Marinated in yogurt and spices, these are whole pieces of chicken and they don’t disappoint. The marinade makes the chicken nice and tender, succulent.

I also typically order the Aloo Gobi Samosa. This a broken up samosa pieces smothered in raita sauce, mixed with some crunchy bits. I would say if this sounds foreign to you, and don’t think you’ve tried something similar, definitely get this.

Another dish I like quite a bit is Hariyali Chicken Kabab. Marinated and grilled, a sure crowd pleaser. Pickled onions and their signature chutneys really are great touch, and really round the meals out nicely.

Chandni Restaurant

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It’s Thursday, I’m on my way downtown for a job interview, and decide I’ll head over the the Ace Hotel as my meeting is nearby. After a hair cut, shower, and getting ready I realize I’m hungry but don’t have time to eat lunch before I head out. Where to go… then it hits me, I recall a place I used to go years back, and its right across the street from the Ace.

Situated in the garment district along 29th sits Chandni. Up a flight of stairs, left through the doors and your ready to order Indian|Pakistani fare with efficiency. Prepared dishes of chicken curry, saag panneer, Samosas, Goat Pulao, and on and on from an extensive menu. At a loss for words? Don’t know what to order? In either case just point. The food here is simple, quick, and above both of these good.

I was happy to be back here, maybe it was a bit of nostalgia, but I found the atmosphere inviting. When I sat down I also realized, its patrons are a great cross section of New Yorkers from one walk or another. Its quite (enough for a young professional woman to be tapping away on her lab top), yet a good place to chat with your friends (I overheard some gentleman talking about a service dog that someone kept with them at all times, but only for emotional support).

Of course, I came for the grub, and I decided to get a bit of what I used to typically order. So I ordered the naan, a kabab, and a chicken role. I also opted to try something new, so I got the allo tikki, a ground potato patty with herbs/spices. Chandni has lots of vegetarian options, so its definitely a good choice if thats you. I would also stress that its extremely reasonable, and prices haven’t changed much since I was last here years back. In the book I keep on pluses, reasonable cost is big. As I sat and quietly ate my lunch, dipping each bit into the raita sauce that I requested extra of, I realized, my lunch time stars had aligned.


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Kababish is a great takeout place, and easy on the wallet. I’ve been on many occasions, but just recently stopped over to try out the gola kebab. It was good, but I was expecting it to be spicier. I usually get their chicken kebabs, and they’re just as spicy. They are a good deal less expensive too. I order two of these and nan, it’s a giant piece, see above. Nan comes in your typical varieties, but they also have a sesame one that’s nice.  I’ve sampled some of the other items, but this is my go to. Everything else looks good though.

It gets busy around 7pm, you’d be better off going earlier.